It's been estimated that the methane gas produced from cows is 23 times more damaging to the climate than that of the carbon dioxide produced from cars. The challenge was simple. How can we make lowering our meat consumption as easy as possible, while teaching consumers the benefits of reducing their impact. 
Introducing Slate
Slate is a mobile app designed to lower your carbon footprint by changing consumer behavior. There is no doubt that going green can be difficult. Slate aims to tackle the issue of everyday meat consumption by teaching its users about the effect their eating habits have on the environment as well as better alternatives. Together, we can all start on a clean slate.
Art Direction: Abby Guido
I started my research by sending out a survey to my friends and family and those on social media. From that information, I was able to create user personas, a user journey, and a site map. This informed the initial user flows for Slate as well as the problems they would come across, and the ease of accessibility. 

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