Senior year my design class was tasked with a simple yet unique challenge. To rebrand the Temple Owl logo. The idea was to work along a athletics branding expert, Joe Bosack, to create a new logo that would better link with the university's branding. 
I relied heavily on negative space to capture the boldness and tenacity of a new Temple Owl. In class we were visited by Kristine Herrick, the Temple alumna who created the Temple ‘T’, came in and spoke with us about her journey. As a student it was inspirational to hear what she went through and her design process as well. 
Art Direction: Bryan Satalino, Joe Bosack
Original Branding
Updated Branding
Classroom Inspiration
Design Process
Owls, unlike other birds, do not have the ability to move their eyes. Instead they have a seemingly supernatural capability to turn their heads 270 degrees.  Given that only owls can do this, it seemed appropriate to include this ability in my logo. Combine that with an owl's iconic intense gaze, and you have the two driving factors behind my sketch. 

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